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"Hardekole" is more than just the Afrikaans term for the long lasting coal in a campfire. It is a whole lifestyle: Enjoying the evening with friends around the fire, talking about the adventures of the day, laughing, playing the guitar. Looking into the flames, surrounded by pure nature. Living the moment- far away from everyday issues.

The person behind “Hardekole” is me: Andrea. This attitude to life also captivated me and inspired me to give my life a new direction. After many conversations with good friends around the campfire, the decision was made to leave my life as a management consultant for banks behind and to start a new life in South Africa. 

I am now living this dream as a field guide and lodge manager and would like to share the feeling with as many of you as possible - together with my cooperation partners who love the country, nature and the job as much as I do.

A new project close to my heart has recently been added: my own lodge! Together with my friend and business partner Susanne we opened the Bosveld Villa in Marloth Park.

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